footprints in the sand poem - by Mary Stevenson

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by Mary Stevenson

This is a wonderful poem by Mary Stevenson, and one of my favorites, and it is called footprints in the sand, although some people just call it footprints poem, and if they havn't heard it for a long time, like say, when they were young, they might call it footsteps in the sand. I have put a text or word version on each page just incase you have set your browser not to see images. There are two other versions of Footprints in the Sand written by Margaret Fishback-Powers and Carolyn Carty but the images and words here are by Mary Stevenson.

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I've wrote a blog on the poem 'footprints in the sand' so if you want to leave a comment, you can click on the link FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND by Drcensor Blog

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Trying to find this poem "footprints in the sand poem", took a bit of a while as I couldn't remember what it was called, I tried different words to find it like the footprints poem, footprints, footprint in the sand, footsteps in the sand, and I didn't know it was written by Mary Stevenson in 1936. In the begining of the poems life, starts an unusual journey, but you can find out more about her, and the poems life by clicking FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND

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footprints in the sand Prayer video

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