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Poems That You Will Like


by Unkown Authors

I would like to begin this page by dedicating it to all my amazing friends out there. It is unknown who wrote the poems here at for you people, or how long ago, but now I would love to share them with the world. You guys and dolls out there are the inspiration, and the need to put as many poems together as possable. I would like thank all my friends for being there for me through the months that i have spent put this site together. We got through the good and not so good, and now we are on the other side of the tunnel, with big smiles and great stories to tell. I love you guys!.

Please click on the link above to see the poems

a flying dove keep morale high a flying dove

I love reading poems, but sometimes a good story comes along, like Too Busy for a Friend, that I just have to share it. I have made a Image of the story and put the words on a page called Soldier Morale.

  1. Soldier Morale.

Give it a read then send a link to all your friends or leave a comment on Facebook.